Every melody holds its own beauty, which is why we’ve chosen to be eclectic. Each music genre deserves the highest quality sound. Feel cocooned in a silken auditory experience from the end of a lazy afternoon all the way into late-night grooves.

Terms and conditions
On concert evenings, a sum of €15 to €20 per person will be added to the price of the first drink to remunerate the artists.
Les Jeudis Jazz

Every Thursday at 8pm, the crème de la crème of jazz bands perform at Les Bascules. Discover our programme:

Thursday, December 14: Hetty Kate Trio

Endowed with "divine charisma and technique" (All About Jazz, USA), jazz singer Hetty Kate has "a stage presence matched only by the clarity of her voice" (James Morrison, Australia). Raised in England and Australia, and now living in France, Hetty has released 9 albums and graced stages large and small, from New Zealand to New York.

With Gianluca Figliola on guitar, Thomas Posner on double bass and Hetty Kate on vocals.

Thursday, December 21: Benjamin Petit Quartet

After numerous collaborations in the pop and jazz worlds (Michel Jonasz, Lionel Richie, etc.), Benjamin Petit takes his saxophone to the skies of virtuosity on his first album, 5 degrés Sud. In 2022, Dear John, the saxophonist's 2nd album, was conceived as a letter to John Williams. The musician rearranges the American composer's most beautiful songs in a jazz universe.


Raphaël Pannier on drums, Jeremy Bruyere on double bass, Julia Perminova on piano and Benjamin Petit on saxophone.

Thursday, December 28: Yo Hes Quartet

After studying at the Conservatoires de Mâcon and Lyon, saxophonist Yonatan Hes flies off to the Berklee School of Music in Boston, USA. After a spell at the Flemish Conservatory in Brussels, he is now studying at the Conservatoire National de Paris. Between all these places, he forged a musical openness born of encounters with musicians such as Jacques Baguet, François Gallix, Tia Fuller, Edmar Colòn, Jeroen Van Herzeele... He develops a dense, polychromatic playing style on stage, with influences ranging from Cannonball Adderley to Steve Coleman.

With Yonatan Hes on saxophones, Thomas Gaucher on guitar, Cyril Drapé on double bass and Oscar Georges on drums

Balance ton Samedi
Saturday, February 24: Isabelle Seleskovitch & Thomas Naïm

From vocal jazz to chanson to electro-pop, Isabelle Seleskovitch is an eclectic and passionate singer, with a wealth of experience both on stage and in the recording studio. With her suave, crystalline voice, she brings warmth and energy to her performances, in close proximity to the audience. In an acoustic duet with guitarist Thomas Naïm, noted for his elegant covers of the great pop/rock standards, including Jimi Hendrix's repertoire, the alchemy works. Come and enjoy an evening of music with these two talented artists!

Saturday, March 2: Malou & Jean

Through a musical landscape of many colors, vocalist Malou Oheix and pianist Jean Saint Loubert Bié take you along with their inspirations, drawing on the energies of artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tigran Hamasyan and Gretchen Parla. These two young musicians unveil a nuanced universe, blending rhythm, poetry and improvisation.

Saturday, March 09: Trio de la Plaine

LE TRIO DE LA PLAINE perform their repertoire in a festive atmosphere. A variety of rhythms will take you on a journey, with the cuatro (a small 4-string guitar) accompanying the crystalline sounds of the arpa llanera, with the surprising interplay of maracas, via Consuelo Uribe's warm voice and her rhythmically accented cello, giving depth and humanitý to this Latin American culture.

Avec Murielle Kopff à la harpe, Consuelo Uribe à la guitare et au chant et Juan Garcia aux maracas.

Saturday, March 16: Angela Grey & Tijn Trommelen Duo

Joined by Dutch singer and guitarist Tijn Trommelen, Angela Grey sings some of her favorite jazz standards from the American songbook, as well as reinvented pop songs.

Balance ton samedi
Samedi 24 février : Isabelle Seleskovitch & Thomas Naïm


Du jazz vocal à la chanson en passant par l’électro-pop, multipliant les expériences sur scène et en studio d’enregistrement, Isabelle Seleskovitch est une chanteuse éclectique et passionnée. De sa voix suave et cristalline, elle insuffle chaleur et énergie à ses performances, au plus proche du public. En duo acoustique avec le guitariste Thomas Naïm, remarqué pour ses reprises élégantes des grands standards pop/rock et notamment du répertoire de Jimi Hendrix, l’alchimie opère. Venez passer une soirée en musique avec ces deux artistes talentueux !


Samedi 2 mars : Malou & Jean

À travers un paysage musical aux multiples couleurs, la vocaliste Malou Oheix et le pianiste Jean Saint Loubert Bié vous emportent au gré de leurs inspirations, puisant dans les énergies d’artistes tels que Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tigran Hamasyan ou encore Gretchen Parla. Ces deux jeunes musiciens dévoilent un univers nuancé, mêlant rythme, poésie et improvisation.

Samedi 09 Mars : Trio de la Plaine

LE TRIO DE LA PLAINE interprètent pour vous un répertoire dans une ambiance de fête. Des rythmes divers vous feront voyager, avec le cuatro (petite guitare à 4 cordes) qui accompagne les sons cristallins de la arpa llanera, avec les jeux surprenants des maracas, en passant par la voix chaude de Consuelo Uribe ainsi que son violoncelle aux accents rythmés, donnant une profondeur et une humanité́ à cette culture Latino-Américaine. 

Avec Murielle Kopff à la harpe, Consuelo Uribe à la guitare et au chant et Juan Garcia aux maracas.

Samedi 16 Mars : Angela Grey & Tijn Trommelen Duo 

Rejointe par le chanteur et guitariste néerlandais Tijn Trommelen, Angela Grey chante certains de ses standards de jazz préférés du recueil de chansons américain ainsi que des chansons pop réinventées.


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